Virtual Graduate Public Humanities Workshops

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Virtual Graduate Public Humanities Workshops

Hosted by Center for Cultural Analysis, SAS Dean of Humanities

Sponsored by the Center for Cultural Analysis and the SAS Dean of Humanities

When: August 21-27

Are you convinced of the value of the humanities in everyday life? Do you believe in expanding access to dynamic scholarship? Have you wondered about different ways to share your work outside of the academy, especially in the new conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic? Join us for a series of virtual workshop sessions introducing you to different methodologies within the field. Each session will be an opportunity to learn from a scholar-practitioner, discuss tools, research, case studies, and the theory, method, and practice of the field.

Guest speakers will include Gigi Naglak (NJ Humanities Council), Dan Swern (coLAB Arts), Francesca Giannetti (Rutgers Libraries), and Kate Rizzi (Rutgers Oral History Archive)

The workshops are free but registration is required. You can participate in as many or as few sessions as you choose.

Friday, August 21
12pm: Thinking (and working) like a Public Humanist
1:30pm: Storytelling and Communications in the Arts & Humanities Workshop

Self-guided curated virtual tours and engagement with digital humanities projects

Monday, 8/24
12pm: Public Humanities Work with (in/out) Institutions Seminar

1:30pm: Creating and Funding Humanities Projects Workshop

Tuesday, 8/25
12pm: Participatory Public Memory Seminar

1:30pm: Testimony and Trust in Oral History Workshop

Wednesday, 8/26

12pm: Public Humanities Professionalization

1:30pm: Digital Humanities and Visualization Workshop

Thursday, 8/27

12pm Unconference: Humanities 2020

0 upcoming sessions on Wednesday, December 31, 1969.


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