UNMA Library Workshop #2 with Dr. Tom Glynn

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UNMA Library Workshop #2 with Dr. Tom Glynn

Hosted by Ann M. Fiorella-Mullen

Welcome to the UNMA Library workshops. If you are a New UNMA student, you are required to attend at least ONE of these workshop.

Many of the UNMA students attend these workshops semester after semester so that they can get updated information from Dr. Glynn, learn about new ways to cite material and new research material for Political Science courses. If you are taking a MA level Poli Sci course - it is highly recommended you attend ONE of these workshops.

This is a MUST DO workshop for new graduate students. With testimonials from our students that the "UNMA Library workshop gave me back hours of my life!"

We do encourage all to attend and learn about the ways to research your material.

All students are invited as we know these workshops are extremely useful. We recommend you bring your course syllabus with you to get specifics on where to locate your research for the semester.

If you are a new UNMA student and in the event that you are absolutely unavailable to attend one of the workshops, you must reach out to Dr. Tom Glynn at for a private meeting.

Please note- please come to ONE workshop or the other. It is not necessary to go to both workshops!

0 upcoming sessions on Wednesday, December 31, 1969.


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