SAS Invite

Welcome to SAS Invite, an event scheduling and invitation site.

Information for Guests Information for Hosts

If you received an invitation to an event, please use the URL included in the invitation to RSVP.

SAS Invite supports three different types of events:

  • Single-Session: Event that take place once.
  • Multi-Session Come-to-One: Events that meet multiple times, but guests may only attend one session. Use this for events like training seminars where the same material will be covered in each session.
  • Multi-Session Come-to-Any: Events that meet multiple times, any guests may attend any or all of the sessions.

Other features include:

  • Event Planning: Propose an event with several possible meeting times and ask your guests to indicate which they can attend.
  • Capacity: Limit the number of attendees at each session.
  • Mass Email: Send email to the entire guest list, or only to those who have accepted or not yet responded to the invitation.
  • Questions for Guests: You can add your own questions for your guests when they RSVP to your event.

Event hosting is available for full-time faculty and staff.